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July 20, 2012
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Princess Vacation by Chrystal-Furst Princess Vacation by Chrystal-Furst
This could have been done way better... :/ But I just recently got back on my feet from a family issue, and I didn't work on it much. The princesses tuned out alright, which is good. But the background... :iconshudderemoteplz:

Anywho, I imagine if they got together and went to WDW, they would all want to go their own way and would disagree for a long time as to where to go.

Belle and Mulan are trying to figure the itinerary, so everyone can ride the rides they want, and see the shows they want.

Jasmine wants to go to the Magic Carpets in Adventureland (and see Aladdin :)) while Ariel wants to ride Splash mountain and see the New Fantasyland.

Snow White wants to ride HER ride, but Pocahontas is letting her down easy, and telling her it's no longer there.

Cinderella has an obsession with time, so she's worried they'll be late for their lunch reservations.

Aaaaand, I hadn't really decided about Tiana and Aurora's thoughts... I thought maybe Aurora would be tired (Sleeping Beauty joke?) of them and want to do her own thing.

Can anyone find all the Hidden Mickeys?

Anyway, done for the Princess Disney vacation contest, but I may improve it later... That's a lie, I probably won't :XD:
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Congrats on winning 2nd place for the contest (:
I'll be sending you the points shortly!
They deserve a break.:)
paradisedreamer Jul 31, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Wow incredible job. Belle reminds me of myself when I'm with my family at disneyland every year. I'm like "Okay guys, if we go this way, we can hit thunder, Indiana, pirates, hunted mansion, and splash mountain before lunch." And they're like, "uhhh....when do we have time for churros?" Anyways, incredible piece! You really captured all their personalities. Especially Ariel, look at that face. Priceless.
Thank you so much. :)

LOL, I'm glad you're that way. I'm terrible at that. I'm like desperately trying to plan out my next visit... It's so difficult to plan what to do when... There's just so much to do... :XD:
paradisedreamer Jul 31, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Hahaha, I know, it's like you're hypnotized by disney magic. ;)
Rose74 Jul 23, 2012  Student Writer
They're all adorable, great job with this. :aww:
Rose74 Jul 25, 2012  Student Writer
You're quite welcome! :highfive: I hope to see lots more art from you. Best of luck and drop by anytime.
I like your interpretation of each Princess' vacation plans. They're all fitting for their characters and quite amusing. For Tiana, I think she'd want to visit the different restaurants around WDW.

Still, good work and good luck in the contest.
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